Sailing Information

Below is a list of links to information regarding sailing at MCYS

SAILING SEASON 2023/2024 – Information Summary

WEDNESDAY Twilight Series

We have two Series – Pre-Christmas (12 races in total) and Post-Christmas (17 Races in total).

All Twilights are Pursuit start at Yellow 2 with the first boats away at 1730 hrs.


We have Saturday races of two types – alternating between Channels Series (CH) and Cruise Pursuit (CP)

CH are TCF races, all boats start at 1400 hrs.

CP are Pursuit starts, with the first boats away at 1400 hrs.

MYC/MCYS Long Distance Series

This series is a combined MYC/MCYS event with results overall (combined) and separately for MCYS Yachts (MCYS yachts only).  The start is either at MYC or as designated in the MYC Sailing Instructions.

Yachts should enter both via the MYC, and MCYS SAILSYS entry systems to get Combined and MCYS Results.