MCYS Brass Monkey WINTER series – next race 19th Aug

The MCYS BRASS MONKEY Winter Series will be raced over 5 races on the third saturday of each month:

  •      20th May
  •      17th June
  •      22nd July
  •     19 August
  •     16 September

Courses will be weather dependent, and one of the MCYS standard courses and generally will be completed in 3 hours or less.


WHY the name you ask?

Because in the olden days, cannon balls were stored in pyramids of 16 on a brass plate on deck, called a “Brass Monkey”. Trouble was that when it was very cold, the brass shrank allowing the pyramid to collapse, and the cannon balls to spill over the deck! Thus, ”cold enough to freeze the balls off a Brass Monkey!

Actually, winter sailing in our part of the world can be sublime, with light but consistent breeze, flat water and sunshine – sometimes!

Join us for some great winter sailing – either with your own boat and crew, or if you just want to experience sailing, contact and express your interest!