Introductory Nav Rally & Coffee Save the Date









Come join the fun in the introductory MCYS Navigation Rally cruise and social event.

When:             Sunday 19 May 2024

Where:            Port Phillip (MCYS Race Area) & Martha’s Cafe

Event:             Navigation Rally & Coffee/Snacks After

  • Introductory MCYS Navigation Rally on Port Phillip
    Course NAV 1 – Start & Finish near the entrance to Martha Cove
  • Coffee/Drinks/Snacks at Martha’s Café afterwards
  • If weather is unacceptable – we’ll meet for coffee/snacks anyway

Who:               MCYS Members & Guests

  • Navy Rallies are typically for Power Boats but Sail Yachts are welcome also
  • All MCYS members are welcome to join for coffee/snacks afterwards.

What’s a Nav Rally?

It is NOT a race! The challenge is to traverse the course at a constant nominated speed and pass each mark as close to the predicted time as possible. Penalty points are assigned if you are early or late passing each mark. The winner is the boat with the least penalty points. It’s easy, fun, competitive and will improve your navigation related skills.

This is an introductory NAV RALLY event. We plan to run regularly scheduled Nav Rally events subsequently.

More details to come in Notice of Event doc and Nav Rally Instructions.

Contact:       Bill Wilson, Event Coordinator,  email:   or  mobile:  0402 133 255