Hello Members

I have been asked to get clarification on visiting our boats during the Stage 4 restrictions.

In fact, I sought clarification from both Australian Saiing and B.I.A. on Monday.

I have now received this from Gavin Wall – Australian Sailing: CLICK THIS LINK –


In summary, the relevant parts are these:

“Marinas and Yards (state government answers to specific questions in this area)

  • Marina staff and boat owners that must access boats for emergency and essential matters can do so. Allowed but with COVID Safe Plans. Stage 4 Restrictions Transport, Other Services

  • All forms of sailing and boating are NOT allowed

It is up to each of us to be COVID safe and comply with Stage 4 Restrictions such as wearing a mask or face covering, and washing of hands etc and I have written to the OC Managers (Cambridge Management Services) to ensure that they also have a COVID Safe plan in place, and operative for Martha Cove Marina and Hidden Harbour access gates.

I suggest that if you must travel to check your boat, that it would be prudent to:

  1. Take a copy of the letter from A.S. above; and
  2. Take with you proof of ownership of your boat and/or berth.

What is not clear, though it is implied from the above answers to specific matters that the relevant State Department has provided, is that a person is allowed to travel more than 5km for the stated purpose.

I will keep members informed as any further clarity is provided.

John Hall