VDLC Update from John Hall

We arrived to the entrance of the Tamar River afternoon Tuesday 20th in an Easterly 20-25 knots. Nice trip across from “Croppies Bay” on the NE coast of Tasmania.

Crew Pat and David enjoying a chicken curry and a crisp white! We won’t be starving on this cruise!

Once again Banks Strait was somewhat benign except the furler line jumped out of the cage and jammed meaning we had to drop the Genoa and get out the tools!

Sunset at Croppies



Heading for the Tamar


Arrived at Beauty Point and have had balmy weather with close to 30 degrees!


Interesting cloud formation – what does it mean?



Inside the replica Norfolk in which Flinders circumnavigated Tasmania to prove there was a Strait – Bass Strait! The museum at George Town was really good!


The captains cabin on the Norfolk




Near full moon from the lawn of Tamar Yacht Club, Beauty Point


So, we have spent a few leisurely days here doing the washing, re-provisioning, re-fueling, boat maintenance and fixing, touring by boat to George Town, and then a great cruise dinner for the assembled fleet before we head off to meet the Queenscliff fleet at the Hummocks on the weekend or early next week.

We are looking forward to meeting fellow Yachtties from what is referred to as the “North” island soon.

So far – so good!

Wingara II
VDLC -RRV 2024