Setting Sail to an impressive 2nd at Festival of Sails: John Gordon’s Regatta update in the Festival of Sails on E’toile

Image 1 – John Gordon’s proxy picking up the medal and alledgedly, a bottle of Jimmy Rum (not yet seen)


Image 2 – E’Toile racing down the channel on Day 2


An update on John Gordon’s recent participation in the Festival of Sails aboard the magnificent sailing vessel, E’toile. Over three action-packed days, John and his skilled crew faced a myriad of challenges and triumphs, showcasing their prowess on the water.

The Festival kicked off with a bang as day 1 presented participants with a demanding passage race from Mornington to Geelong. Battling against the elements, John Gordon and the E’toile crew navigated through trying conditions, with winds gusting up to 30 knots directly on their bow. This initial test of seamanship set the tone for an exhilarating competition.

Day 2 proved to be no less demanding, with two races held in a brisk 20-knot breeze. E’toile, under John’s command, sliced through the waves, demonstrating both agility and speed. The crew’s determination was evident as they secured two impressive second-place finishes, showcasing their consistency and competitive edge.

As if the winds had orchestrated a dramatic change, day 3 dawned with light airs. The challenge now lay in the delicate dance between the sails and the subtle breath of the wind. Undeterred, E’Toile and crew adapted seamlessly to the conditions, showcasing the versatility of both skipper and vessel.

In the end, John Gordon and E’toile emerged victorious, claiming a well-deserved second place in their division. The overall success was a testament to their strategic approach, skillful sailing, and unyielding teamwork.

Race by race, it was a consistent regatta – a third-place finish in race 1, followed by two consecutive seconds in races 2 and 3, and a final flourish with a third in race 4.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to John Gordon and the entire E’toile team for their outstanding performance in the Festival of Sails. Their achievements are not only a source of pride for themselves but also a great opportunity to promote MCYS at other clubs!

Smooth seas and hearty congratulations,

Commodore Gareth Davies