Informal Drinks at Martha Cove

Join us for a night of informal drinks at Martha’s Table, where spontaneity can sometimes be the secret to success. This is the perfect opportunity to unwind, socialise, and make new friends in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Martha’s Table is fully stocked with an impressive selection of wines, beers, and spirits. And the best part? MCYS informal drinks nights are all about letting the conversation flow naturally. There’s no pressure, no agenda, and no expectations – just good company, great drinks, and a chance to unwind and have some fun.

So come and join us at Martha’s Table and discover the magic of relaxed and informal socialising. You never know who you might meet, what connections you might make, or what opportunities might arise. Let’s raise a glass to the power of spontaneity!

2nd Friday of every month informal drinks at Martha’s Table

  • Friday 12th May – 6pm
  • Friday 9th June – 6pm
  • Friday 14th July – 6pm